About us

About us

How did our story begin?

Er&Gun&Er Law Firm is a corporate law firm headquartered in Istanbul. Our law firm serves our clients by adopting the modern and innovative legal style as a mission. With our mission, which can be described as protective attorneyship, which we have adopted as a requirement of the modern and innovative legal style, many potential legal disputes end with mutual agreements and negotiations before they even begin. In this way, our clients we represent save both the litigation process that can take years and the costs that may arise as a result of the lawsuit.

Er&Gun&Er Law Firm provides attorneyship and legal consultancy services to its native and foreign clients.

Since its establishment, our office has been providing advocacy and legal consultancy services to local and foreign companies, real persons, foreign persons and organizations in the fields of legal expertise. , Commercial Law, Citizenship Law, Labor Law, Criminal Law, IT Law, Health Law, Maritime Law, Administrative Law, Insurance Law, Corporate Law, Family Law, Pharmaceutical Law, Transport Law, Real Estate Law, Contracts Law, Enforcement Law and Advertising Law. provides services, represents its native and foreign clients in Courts, Enforcement Offices, Public institutions and organizations and in the conduct of all kinds of contract negotiations, and defends their rights and interests. It covers the negotiations, the execution of all litigation and enforcement proceedings, the management of the general assembly processes and consultancy transactions of the companies, and the realization of all kinds of legal, executive and criminal proceedings. Er&Gun&Er resolves the legal problems of its clients in its fields of activity, up-to-date, fast, rational, practical and in line with the demands of its clients. Offers its legal services with a competent and strong team with legal experience and experience in different fields.

The knowledge that our team has created on different subjects, and the close attention that our partners show to every stage of the services offered from the beginning to the end, are among our strengths. Our office provides legal consultancy services to its clients in English, Turkish, German, Spanish, Russian and Arabic languages.