Turkish Information Technology Lawyer

The legal regulations regarding the use of technology in specific areas, such as data security and privacy regulations, are called Turkish information technology laws. And such legislation in Turkey should be handled by a professional information technology attorney.

At ER&GUN&ER Law Firm, we aim to ensure that competent attorneys tackle all the clients' cases in their respective fields. We believe in providing all the correct solutions to our client's problems in the information technology law area. 

Prominent Turkish Information Technology Lawyers

We have previously mentioned that this area combines law with technology. But what do law and technology mean? Lawyers who specialize in technology are experts at knowing about the legislation concerning technological advances. This means that information technology lawyers are involved with the law that regulates the digital world. More specifically, information technology law includes:

  • Software licenses and patents,
  • Censorship in cyberspace,
  • The privacy of data,
  • Copyright infringements. 

Since cyberspace is a newly emerging area, finding a prominent information technology law firm in Turkey can take a lot of work. As the Istanbul Lawyer Firm, we work with some of the most competent lawyers in this area. 

Our Services as a Turkish Information Technology Law Firm

As a Turkish information technology law firm, we aim to provide our clients with the expertise of the most experienced lawyers in this area. Some of the areas that we help are as follows:

  • Issues regarding copyright infringements in the world wide web,
  • Utilization of open-source software licenses,
  • Unauthorized access to private information,
  • Consultancy about laws regarding censorship and free speech in Turkey,
  • Legislations regarding online polling and voting technologies,
  • Laws about taxation in Turkey
  • Laws about advertising on the internet

These are some of the areas where our expert lawyers can help you. To find out how the ER&GUN&ER information technology law attorney firm can provide the most fitting help for your unique situation, you can make an appointment by contacting our lawyers via the contact information on our website.

Communication is one of the most critical aspects of such consultancies, and this is because every case can be quite different from one another. Therefore, lawyers must understand the specific situation at hand thoroughly. That is why it would be beneficial for you to work with lawyers who speak both English and Turkish, such as the lawyers at the Istanbul Lawyer Firm. 

Importance of a Professional Information Technology Law Firm

A good information technology lawyer in Turkey is needed for all your legal needs. But what is a professional information technology lawyer? Here are a few things you should consider before researching such matters. 

  • Since the laws regarding cyberspace are newly emerging, it is critical to work with a lawyer who keeps up with the times.
  • Because of the novelty of such laws, they are always subject to change. Therefore, a good information technology lawyer is dynamic.
  • Communication is essential, so speaking to a lawyer who understands you and whom you can understand is vital.
  • Information technology is a broad area. Therefore, getting consultancy from a lawyer, who understands the laws of such an area and has a comprehensive understanding of the sector, can be the best option.

As a professional information technology law firm in Turkey, ER&GUN&ER Law Firm is always at your service. An information technology attorney in Istanbul Lawyer Firm will be with you throughout the legal processes and communicate with you to answer all your questions and problems. 

Contact Our Turkish Information Technology Law Attorneys

In conclusion, for all the reasons mentioned above, working with an information technology lawyer with whom you can efficiently communicate is crucial. That is why the Istanbul Law Firm works with experienced and competent, licensed attorneys. ER&GUN&ER Law Firm contact information is always available on the website. As a trustworthy law firm, we are here to serve you.