Turkish Labor and Employment Lawyers

Employment cases are lawsuits that both the business and the employer can file. Opening these lawsuits may occur if the employee or employer does not fulfill their duties. At the same time, Turkish labor law services should be contacted about employment cases in case of unfair dismissals or high compensation payouts. 

The Istanbul Lawyer Firm deals with your case with lawyers who know the definition of the rights of employees and employers and the litigation processes. You can defend your rights better with our experienced lawyers in the sector.

Prominent Turkish Labour and Employment Lawyers

Business cases are based on many details. Behaviours that would go beyond the definition of employee and employer, discrimination, severance pay, and many other issues fall under the definition of an employment case. In case of unfair dismissal, starting the litigation process and appeal within one month is necessary. You can speed up your application process by contacting us. Also, you can contact us if you need a labor and employment lawyer in Turkey.

Our Services as a Turkish Labour and Employment Law Firm

As a labor and employment law firm in Turkey, we help our clients with various business cases. We aim to ensure that you win through your rights with our lawyers, who are experts in everyday issues such as employment and re-employment cases. Some of the services offered by The Istanbul Lawyer Firm's lawyers are as follows:

  • Severance pay cases,
  • Consultancy on the minimum subsistence allowance,
  • Work accident case,
  • Equal treatment cases,
  • Union compensation

As a labor and employment law firm, we aim to ensure workers and employers resolve grievances about appropriate conditions. With expert and experienced lawyers in the field, we provide that you defend your rights in the best way and win your cases.

Importance of a Professional Labour and Employment Law Firm

The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm is represented by lawyers who are familiar with the rules of business cases and work by legal obligations. You can reach us through employment litigation on many issues, from unfair dismissals to unsecured wages. 

Labor and employment cases are based on legal grounds, and plaintiffs should therefore receive legal advice. Both employees and employers can speed up employment litigation processes with a good defence lawyer.

Also, you can eliminate your grievance by being entitled to wages and severance pay. The only thing you need to do concerning these conditions has requested an appointment or direct consultation from our company to inform you of the situation.

Contact Our Turkish Labour and Employment Law Attorneys

Business cases can turn into painful processes. You can contact us to protect your employee and employer rights if you need a labor and employment attorney. You can activate your cases through our lawyers before the time limit for both compensation and counterclaims. Also, you can get advice from the best defence lawyers through The Istanbul Lawyer Firm lawyers.