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Istanbul Lawyer Firm is one of the law firms providing advertising and media lawyer in Turkey. The advertising and media sector, which has developed with the widespread use of the internet, has also brought legal processes with it. Of course, advertisements are everywhere in our lives. However, it is against the law to not make public advertisements or to advertise goods that are not allowed.

In this direction, advertising and media lawyers in Turkey come to the fore to protect both consumers and advertisers. Our company ensures that your rights are defended by being involved in the legal process, especially in matters such as unfair competition or unfair pricing. If you suffer from such a situation, you can contact an advertising and media law firm in Turkey that is an expert in this field.

Prominent Turkish Advertising and Media Lawyers

Unfair competition and disregard for consumer rights are important legal issues. At The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm, we employ media and advertising lawyers. In addition, due to intellectual property, an ad needs to be unique. If ads are imitated, it is again a matter of advertising and media attorney. If you experience such a situation, you can contact the leading lawyers of our firm and get unparalleled legal support.

Our Services as a Turkish Advertising and Media Law Firm

Today, advertising law is unthinkable without the inclusion of social media. Accordingly, all kinds of advertising initiatives made on social media are closely related to advertising law. To put it more plainly, digital commercials, like regular advertisements, must abide by specific rules.

One of the reasons for this is to prevent unfair competition since social media advertisements are usually made for the sole purpose of making a profit. In fact, many people promote consumer products without the consumer's knowledge and try to make maximum profit with a minimum budget. Naturally, our company and our lawyers work hard to prevent such situations. Thanks to the services we provide in this field, especially consumers can breathe a sigh of relief.

Importance of a Professional Advertising and Media Law Firm

The Advertising Board, the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), and the Advertising Self-Regulatory Board closely monitor and supervise advertising activities in Turkey. However, these three organizations have the right to impose sanctions in the following possible cases:

  • Irrelevant to the target audience
  • Targeting a person or group
  • Having harmful content
  • Encouraging bad habits
  • Violating the law on the protection of personal data

Any of the aforementioned scenarios suggests the need for advertising and media attorneys. By contacting our company, you can receive professional support and get information about how this legal process should be carried out.

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As a result of how advanced technology has become, the place of an advertising and media lawyer in our lives is undeniable. Therefore, a client should seek professional support for problems in this field. Of course, this subject is available with our Istanbul Law Firm. For more information about our services and more, you can send an e-mail, call or visit us by appointment.