Criminal Lawyers in Turkey

The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm is a Turkish law office established in Istanbul and serves its clients in all areas of criminal law. Our criminal defence attorneys have gained experience in all areas of criminal law and therefore provide the best service to their clients.

The Istanbul Lawyer Firm supports its clients at every stage in terms of criminal law in Turkey's every other city. Lawyers of the ER&GUN&ER Law Firm consist of attorneys who are experts in this area. 

While The Turkish Criminal Code governs our nation's criminal justice system, The Turkish penal code establishes the punishments, whereas the code of criminal process specifies the trial's procedures. When the police detain its clients during the investigation phase, our criminal justice lawyers always provide legal support and stand by their clients, whether their statements are taken, their house or office is searched, or they appear before a judge for arrest.

Prominent Turkish Criminal Law Attorneys

Our lawyers, with experience of over many years, do everything they can to make their clients feel safe at the police station and in court. As the ER&GUN&ER Law Firm, we provide all kinds of legal support to our clients during the trial as well as the investigation phase. With its attitude in the hearings, it provides all the necessary dedication for a fair trial of our clients.

The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm always assists clients in prison or detention facilities who are detained due to or following a criminal case. Our office stands by its clients from the moment they make their statement at the police station until they are released from prison and provides all necessary legal support.

Our Services as a Turkish Criminal Law Firm

Our criminal lawyers provide support to Turkish and foreign clients around the clock. The purpose of our firm is to protect personal rights and freedoms, public order and security, the rule of law, public health and the environment, and help prevent crime. After the crime has been committed, as a criminal law firm in Turkey, we provide support to our clients.

The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm provides services to its clients in these types of crimes: 

  • Willful killing, 
  • Intentional injury, 
  • Insult, 
  • Fraud, 
  • Prostitution, 
  • Establishing an organisation for the purpose of committing a crime,
  • Immigrant smuggling and human trafficking, 
  • Threats, 
  • Blackmail, 
  • Deprivation of liberty, 
  • Crimes of abandonment, 
  • Violation of the immunity of residence, 
  • Crimes of defamation, 
  • Crimes of breach of privacy, 
  • Crimes of theft, 
  • Crimes of fraudulent bankruptcy, 
  • Offences related to traffic accidents, 
  • Crimes of drug or stimulant manufacturing and trafficking, 
  • Forgery of documents, 
  • Bid rigging crimes, 
  • Computer crimes, 
  • Abuse of public office crimes, 
  • Slander crimes and insulting the President of the Republic.

Importance of a Professional Criminal Law Firm

The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm has a staff of attorneys specialising in all these criminal branches. As a criminal law firm in Turkey, we carry out detailed examinations of the entire file regarding the trial and provide all our client's legal rights.

The Istanbul Lawyer Firm ensures the freedom and acquittal of its clients as a result of the illegalities determined by its detailed examinations. The point that should not be forgotten by the suspects or defendants and their families, people who have a criminal case against them should get outstanding legal support. Even the slightest wrong word during the deposition causes the suspect or the accused to be sentenced to long imprisonment. For this reason, suspects or defendants should receive a quality legal service.

The Istanbul Lawyer firm provides the best service and support to its clients. It should not be overlooked that an excellent criminal law attorney takes his client off the rope, and the law firm, which employs competent lawyers does not lead the client to the rope.

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Our criminal lawyers provide the best service to their clients after evaluating all the evidence. The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm is the best in Istanbul, Turkey, in the field of criminal law and its legal services. 

You may reach us for English-speaking Turkish family attorneys, immigration lawyers, and of course criminal defence lawyers through our contact page.