Pharmaceutical Lawyer in Turkey

A Pharmaceutical lawyer, which deals with all the processes in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical sector, ensures that clients do not have problems with criminal sanctions or technical legislation. We are serving as an Istanbul Lawyer Firm based on Pharmaceutical Law in Turkey. We help our client’s legal needs in the best way with our senior lawyer staff who have gained wisdom with their experience in Turkish pharmaceutical law.

Prominent Turkish Pharmaceutical Law Attorneys

Pharmaceutical law is dealt with within the framework of many different areas of law. For this reason, advancing process management by consulting an expert lawyer in the field makes it possible to operate the pharmaceutical licensing and patent processes smoothly. The lawyers of The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm, who completely master the constitutional rights of pharmaceutical companies and the technical legislation of pharmaceutical production, provide the best and most professional service to clients.

As a prominent pharmaceutical law firm in Turkey, we work in detail on everything covered by Pharmaceutical Law, from prescription and non-prescription medicines to the legal aspects of the production processes of generic drugs. We always prefer the way of mutual open communication with our clients, and, of course, we choose the way of winning together.

Our Services as a Turkish Pharmaceutical Law Firm

As a pharmaceutical law firm, Istanbul Lawyer Office undertakes the necessary legal consultancy you need in the best way with our experienced staff of lawyers who have mastered all the requirements and scope of Pharmaceutical Law. The content of the consultancy services we provide for Pharmaceutical Lawyer can be listed as follows:

  • Application documents for drug licensing
  • Registration of a pharmaceutical license
  • Providing licenses to developers in the field of pharmacy

Our Pharmaceutical attorney staff, who has a competent knowledge of the processes of obtaining a pharmaceutical license and the conditions for obtaining it, provides advice to foreign and Turkish companies on the successful completion of licensing.

Pharmaceutical lawyer services are provided not only to pharmaceutical companies but also to clinical researchers and doctors. Since the advertising or sales process of unlicensed medicines cannot be operated, as well as criminal and compensatory responsibilities, working through Istanbul Lawyer Firm will help you avoid possible sanctions.

Importance of a Professional Pharmaceutical Law Firm

Pharmaceutical Lawyer service provides support to pharmaceutical manufacturers with a detailed review of critical legislation related to medicines. Professional pharmaceutical and medical device lawyers make it possible to operate the process without bypassing any of the mentioned openings due to their mastery of the entire technical legislation. “What does a pharmaceutical lawyer do?" the question can be answered by the management of the drug licensing process with the consent of the Ministry of Health. 

Even if a medicine is tested or approved without the Ministry of Health's consent, doing so could result in criminal penalties if it is distributed or advertised. You can benefit from the consultancy services of The Istanbul Lawyer Firm Attorneys for the realization of the licensing process under the technical legislation.

Contact Our Turkish Pharmaceutical Law Attorneys

You can get the best consultancy service by contacting our pharmaceuticals and life sciences lawyer team who are familiar with the legal regulations. He can contact The Istanbul Lawyer Firm attorneys for both active consultancy in the licensing process and to get an opinion on the application. You can create an appointment to benefit from the correct and ethical lawyer service. For questions about our pharmaceutical lawyer service, you can contact us via our contact addresses.