Property Rental Lawyer in Turkey

Turkish property rental law has a division known as real estate law. As is common knowledge, real estate refers to “immovable.” Real estate has a wide range of potential applications. It is possible to list a variety of settlements, including homes, land, fields, apartments, buildings, sites, plazas, and workplaces. Immovable property transactions are governed by real estate law. 

It addresses the settlement of all controversies on this. It deals with all immovable objects and any situations where disputes arise. Our company offers professional consultancy for your property rental lawyer needs.

The area of law known as real estate law in Turkey is related to all real property problems and the cases resulting from those disputes. Working with a property rental lawyer is not required in any of these procedures. However, you need a lawyer to follow cases, keep up with evolving laws, or act within the legal framework. Because accidentally committing illegal behavior may cause you to lose your existing rights. 

So, you should get counsel from a property rental lawyer specialising in this area if you have questions regarding to the subject like renter's rights in Turkey. In that case, you can connect with the attorneys at our property rental lawyer firm, The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm, for advice in this regard.

Prominent Turkish Property Rental Law Attorneys

Real estate attorneys in Turkey are lawyers who have specialized in the field through expertise. Real estate litigation has technical elements, thus the process needs to be carefully followed. Acting against the law, making mistakes during the legal process, and other comparable factors could result in the case being lost. 

In addition, even if everything is in accordance with the law, a loss of rights may still occur. Because of this, following the process with a knowledgeable real estate attorney will prevent any potential errors and protect your legal rights.

As the Istanbul Lawyer Firm, we have many experienced real estate lawyers. With this service we offer, your real estate problems will be solved. Since real estate is a severe issue, it is crucially important to choose a lawyer who is an expert in the field. As ER&GUN&ER law firm, we guarantee that you can trust our lawyers who are experts in their field to solve your problems in this field.

Our Services as a Turkish Property Rental Law Firm

As an ER&GUN&ER law firm, we provide services in many fields of law. We also provide real estate legal services for examining and resolving legal processes such as house, land, and title deed. In this direction, our property rental lawyer team whose expert lawyers working in our office provides consultancy services through experience. The services we provide in property rental law firm are as follows:

  • Deed transactions of immovables and disputes arising from them
  • All matters such as buying, selling, renting real estate,
  • Rental agreements which include houses, workplaces, property in shopping centers, etc.
  • The processes of foreign persons to acquire property in Turkey
  • Lawsuits for determination of rental price, rent increase, or eviction
  • Easement lawsuits
  • Dissolution of partnership
  • Correction of corrupt registration
  • Prohibition cases of the intervention

A property rental lawyer’s responsibilities can be summed up as following up on matters that fall under the purview of real estate law, representing the parties involved in the case, and drafting contracts about properties.

Importance of a Professional Property Rental Law Firm

A valuable item is classified as movable if it can be moved and classified as property rental, if it cannot. The value of a real estate is expressed in monetary terms. Property rental, which has a monetary value, has a very broad application, so it also has a large role in the legal system. 

Property rental law, commonly referred to as moveable law, covers legal topics such as leasing agreements, title deeds, and expropriation. To handle potential legal disputes that may develop in such issues, it is crucial to enlist the assistance of a reputable law firm.

Working with a property rental lawyer who is knowledgeable about the legal system always produces more accurate results. There are many real estate cases, particularly given the amount of agriculture and populated land in our nation. 

Due to this, real estate lawsuits make up the majority of current cases, and real estate attorneys are in charge of settling disputes, and creating and reviewing all paperwork about the property, including purchase agreements, taboo documents, and transfer documentation.

Contact Our Turkish Property Rental Law Attorneys

While preparing real estate contracts, the Istanbul Lawyer Firm lawyers also provide consultancy services, filing, tracking, and following up on legal matters. You can cooperate with our office's lawyers in preparing construction and rental contracts in return for flats. Our law firm assists you in determining the expropriation value and reversing the decisions taken. You can get help from knowledgeable property rental attorney by working with Istanbul Law Firm attorneys to resolve disputes related to real estate rental on legal grounds.