Marriage Lawyers in Turkey

There are various requirements for getting married in Turkey. In cases where foreigners of the same nationality, foreigners of different nationalities, or a Turkish and a foreign person want to get married, various documents are required. The provision of these documents is generally based on proving that marriage is allowed in one's own country. 

Istanbul Lawyer Firm provides legal consultancy services that will allow you not to have any problems while getting married in Turkey or to carry out official processes comfortably. You can contact us for your specialist marriage lawyer needs in the field.

The only type of marriage valid in Turkey is a marriage performed through official marriage. Therefore, religious ceremonies performed, including Turkish customs, do not provide for legal marriage. For this reason, foreigners are required to follow the official procedures to get married in Turkey. You can apply to our office to get information about these procedures and to obtain a marriage lawyer or divorce lawyer in Turkey.

Prominent Turkish Marriage Law Attorneys

While getting married in Turkey, foreign persons are required to obtain a permission document from their own country. To be considered married in Turkey, foreigners must apply to the relevant persons at the Turkish consulate in their home country. If the marriage is going to take place in Turkey, they must request documents from their own country. 

In some cases, marriage in Turkey also entails situations such as obtaining the right to immigration and citizenship, so foreigners need to get advice from a Turkish marriage lawyer to get married. Turkish family attorneys provide superior quality support on both citizenship status and marriage requirements.

Our Services as a Turkish Marriage Law Firm

As a marriage law firm, we inform foreign and Turkish individuals about the legal requirements for marriage. Depending on whether the people who want to get married have Turkish, foreign, or dual citizenship, there are changes in the documents that must be submitted to the relevant institutions. In addition to the information in these documents, other services we provide at marriage attorney are as follows:

  • Consulate, etc. preparation of the documents required to be submitted to the institutions
  • Informing people who are going to get married about their legal rights
  • Consulting on the status of obtaining Turkish citizenship by marriage
  • Preparation of a petition

Under your marriage lawyer needs, you can contact us to ask questions or make an appointment for consulting services. The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm offers the best marriage lawyer service to both Turkish and foreign people through expert lawyers in their field.

Importance of a Professional Marriage Law Firm

There are various obligations for marriage in Turkey that also apply to Turkish citizens. Firstly, individuals who want to get married must have both completed the age of 18. If one of the persons is not yet a minor, his/her parent's permission is required. 

People who want to get married should both have the mental competence to know and understand what marriage is. In addition to these, it is a requirement that people who will get married, even if they are foreigners, should not be close relatives. Finally, if a marriage has already taken place and ended abroad, it is necessary to submit a document stating that the marriage in question is over.

During the marriage, if both of the people who want to get married in Turkey cannot understand or speak Turkish, a sworn translator is required for the marriage to be performed. In addition to various documents such as a health certificate, marital status certificate, and passport photograph, a petition is also required for marriage. For the petition in question to be created most accurately, you need a marriage lawyer.

Contact Our Turkish Marriage Law Attorneys

The Istanbul Lawyer Firm lawyers explain to their clients the details they need to know about marriage under the requirements of the Constitution of The Republic of Turkey in an explanatory way. Therefore, people who apply to our law office due to the need for a marriage lawyer become fully informed about their rights in this regard. 

Just as marriage is a serious institution, it is also important that the marriage process is carried out completely. In this way, problems that may arise later about the marriage situation or situations that would prevent marriage are eliminated or solved.

Turkish or foreign people who want to get married in Turkey can apply to our marriage lawyers. It is recommended that couples who want to get married should have obtained the relevant counseling service weeks before the wedding day, as the application processes should be completed before the wedding day.