Residence Permit Turkey

Turkish citizenship law mandates the issuance of residence permits to maintain public order and security and reduce potential threats. It is required to follow the rules to hold a residence permit. Visitors must get a residence permit for stays that last more than 90 days in the Republic of Turkey. Without residency permission, it is illegal to stay longer than is permitted.

An official confirmation and license allowing someone to reside in Turkey for more than three months within six months are referred to as a residence permit in Turkey. It is typically granted to individuals who plan to remain in Turkey for a lengthy period, whether for employment, education, or permanent residence.

Who Needs to Apply for a Residence Permit?

Turkey residence permit status may be necessary for some people. Anyone intending to stay in Turkey for more than three months after arrival must apply for a Turkish residency permit. Without a permit, being in the country would be deemed unlawful. To be granted a residency permit in Turkey, one must intend to stay for at least three months.

Residence Permit Types

Some foreign citizens are trying to obtain a residence permit in Turkey for various reasons. Some conditions must be met to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. There is no single type of permit in Turkey. When viewed, there is more than one type of residence permit in Turkey. These permit types are:

  • Short-term permit (Maximum one year)
  • Family reunification permit (Maximum two years)
  • Student permit (during the study period)
  • Long-term permit (for an indefinite period)
  • Humanitarian permit (Maximum one year)

Residence permits in Turkey have different durations depending on various factors. Long-term and short-term residence permits are most frequently preferred for residence permits in Turkey.

Short Term Residence Permit

Foreign nationals who wish to remain in Turkey for some time shorter than the duration of their visa or visa exemption are granted a short-term residence permit. Anyone from outside the country who intends to stay longer than allowed must apply for this residency permit.

Persons who can obtain a short-term residence permit in Turkey are as follows: foreigners who will come for scientific research purposes; foreigners who own immovable property in Turkey; foreigners who will establish a commercial connection or business; foreigners who will participate in in-service training programs; and foreigners who will participate in agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party.

Or foreigners who will come for education or similar purposes within the framework of student exchange programs; foreigners who will stay for tourism purposes; foreigners who come for treatment provided that they have one of the diseases that are not considered a threat to public health; those who need to stay in Turkey according to the decision of the judicial or administrative authorities; and those who need to attend Turkish language courses. Foreigners who will participate in Turkey can obtain a short-term residence permit in Turkey.

Long-Term Residence Permit

Along with short-term visas, a significant number of people desire long-term residency in Turkey. With the Ministry’s consent, the governorships provide an indefinite permit to foreigners who have been in Turkey for at least eight years without a break or who meet the requirements established by the Ministry. Additionally, in Turkey, anyone with a refugee, conditional refugee, subsidiary protection, humanitarian residence permit, or temporary protected status is not eligible to apply for a long-term residency permit.

The following prerequisites must be satisfied to be granted a long-term permit in Turkey:

- To have resided continuously in Turkey for at least eight years (half of the student permit period in Article 38 of the Law and all of the other residence permits are counted when calculating eight uninterrupted years),

- Not utilizing social assistance in the previous three years,

- Earning enough money consistently to sustain himself and, if any, his family.

- Possess current health insurance.

- To not endanger public security or order (except for foreigners deemed appropriate by the Immigration Policy Board)

Anyone wishing to obtain a long-term residence permit in Turkey must have fulfilled the above clauses.

Procedure of Residence Permit 

One of the most crucial questions in the minds of newly arrived foreigners or host Turkish citizens is “How to apply for Turkey residence permit?”. You can apply for the permit at the local immigration office in the province where the foreigner plans to live.

The foreigner prepares the appointment document and other necessary documents and gives them to the immigration authority on the appointment day. After the Commission approves the permit application, the residence permit card is sent to the residence address of the foreigner.

Paperwork Required for Applying Residence Permit

There may be changes in the required documents depending on the type of permit to be obtained. For example, suppose a residence permit is to be obtained for treatment purposes. In that case, a document on the disease may be required, or if a permit is to be obtained for educational purposes, documents issued by the school may be required. But in general, the documents required for all types of residence permits are:

  • Appointment Form
  • Private Health Insurance Policy
  • Fees paid to the state and card fee receipts
  • Tax number
  • Passport original and required page photocopies
  • Documents showing income status.

Apart from this paperwork, different documents may be required for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit. 

Fees For Residence Permit

The "How much is Turkey residence permit?" question is asked by those who want to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. The question is often asked. Certain fees must be paid to obtain a residence permit. These fees are updated annually. To obtain a residence permit, the permit card fee, permit fee, health insurance fee, notary public fee, and translation fee must be paid.

Who Can and Can’t Apply for Residence Permit

Similar to many other nations, Turkey permits foreigners to live and work there. However, Turkey's geographical location offers numerous options for acquiring a residence permit.

These may be for employment, compelled migration, or studying. Those who meet the prerequisites are permitted to pursue an education, find employment, and carry on with their lives inside Turkish territory. Some prerequisites must be met for this.

Except for those who do not fulfill these conditions, obtaining a residence permit in Turkey is impossible. Accordingly, those who do not come to Turkey for education or treatment purposes, do not own real estate in Turkey, and do not have a job in Turkey cannot apply for the permit in Turkey.

Advantages of Turkish Residence Permit 

Turkey is a livable country in many ways. There are many advantages to obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, as it is in a much better position than many countries with its natural beauty and climate. Thanks to its geopolitical position, Turkey is close to many countries. 

At the same time, it is a very livable country in terms of its developed economy and health system. In this direction, obtaining a residence permit in Turkey gives you the advantage of living in a country that is advantageous in almost every way.

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