Intellectual Property Lawyers in Turkey

Turkey's IP Laws are closely in line with those of European countries; however, there are quite a few nuances that may require the help of a professional intellectual property lawyer in Turkey. To obtain copyrights and patents, it is incredibly important to be aware of the intellectual property laws of Turkey.

The professional IP attorneys team at the ER&GUN&ER Law Firm can help you understand how intellectual property laws work. Let's make strategic decisions based on the information that you gather from your consultation. 

Prominent Turkish Intellectual Property Lawyers

One of the most important aspects of branding is finding a prominent intellectual property law attorney firm. This is because your intellectual property, like physical property, needs to be protected by certain laws such as copyright and trademark. Furthermore, by learning about intellectual property laws, you can make certain strategic moves during your market presence. We are going to discuss the importance of an expert intellectual property law firm in a more detailed manner below. 

Our Services as a Turkish Intellectual Property Law Firm

At ER&GUN&ER Law Firm, we can help you through every aspect of the branding process. Some of the services that we offer as an intellectual property law firm in Turkey are:

  • Trademark application and maintenance,
  • Licensing and franchising transactions,
  • Trademark infringement lawsuits,
  • Legal counselling regarding intellectual property,
  • Portfolio management

To find out more about our services in this field, you can contact our IP lawyers directly. As the Istanbul Lawyer Firm attorneys, we recognize that each client's cases are unique, and their needs are different. Therefore, we focus our work on our client's individual goals. We work transparently with our clients to find solutions based solely on their experiences and needs. 

Importance of a Professional Intellectual Property Law Firm

Turkish Intellectual Property Law operates with the Turkish Commercial Code No 6102. It is vital to contact a lawyer who keeps up with the times, as these kinds of laws are subject to change. For instance, the Turkish Intellectual Property Law was updated in 2017 with Industrial Property Code No 6769. Therefore, to have a strong brand presence, the intellectual property lawyer needs to know about the ins and outs of the updated Turkish Intellectual Property laws. 

In Turkey, both registered and unregistered design rights are under protection. However, the protection for unregistered intellectual property lasts for three years, while the protected intellectual properties are protected for five years. Therefore, registering one's intellectual properties under Turkish law is of utmost importance.

While the whole process can be incredibly easy and smooth with the Istanbul Law Firm attorneys, the clients may also find themselves in a very messy situation if the lawyer is not an expert in their field. Therefore, getting the help of a professional IP lawyer is incredibly important, and Istanbul Lawyer Firm can help you through this process. 

Contact Our Turkish Intellectual Property Law Attorneys

You can have all your questions regarding this aspect of Turkish law answered by contacting the professional IP attorneys at Istanbul Lawyer Firm. Our IP attorneys, who focus specifically on corporate and intellectual property, can help you with all your IP needs. By applying to Istanbul Lawyer Firm, you can ask for consultancy in all types of legal matters in both Turkish and English.