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The sports industry has recently become a massive economy with the development of technology, the increase in club supporters, broadcast, ticket, advertising revenues and the participation of sponsors. Because of this, sports are no longer considered entertainment but rather a professional industry that generates enormous sums of money. 

As a result of the professionalization of the sports industry day by day, conflicts between clubs and athletes are increasing. Because of this, the field of sports law is constantly growing. 

Prominent Turkish Sports Lawyers

In line with the needs arising from sports law in Turkey, it is possible to obtain information on the subject through the Istanbul Lawyer Firm. Our sports lawyers in Turkey are expert attorneys in their field. 

The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm is a successful and expert law office working actively in this field. Our sports lawyers are loyal and reliable attorneys who can be consulted on all kinds of sports-related legal issues.

Our firm tries to resolve disputes that may arise between them within a predetermined framework by imposing certain obligations on both athletes and clubs. As the athletes have rights and obligations towards their clubs to which they are contractually bound, the clubs also have some rights and responsibilities towards the athletes. In addition, coaches who provide the link between the club and the athlete have rights and obligations. 

Most disputes between athletes, coaches and clubs occur from the failure of one of the parties to act per the contract between them. These disagreements are resolved by the Dispute Resolution Board, the International Court of Arbitration for Sports, and the Civil Courts of First Instance. Our sports law attorney firm in Turkey provides legal consultancy services for these contracts.

Our Services as a Turkish Sports Law Firm

The Turkish Football Federation is the authorised unit with legal personality to resolve all football-related disputes in Turkey. The Arbitration Board of the Federation is authorised to resolve any dispute arising from the Turkish Football Federation.

Footballers’ advocacy puts significant responsibilities on lawyers serving in sports law advocacy. Athletes need a professional consultancy service during their agreements with their clubs, and the importance of professional legal services to prevent loss of rights is relatively high. Athletes working with the Istanbul Lawyer Firm can only concentrate on doing sports without having to think about contracts and disputes. As a sports law office in Turkey, we are working successfully.

The player or his manager may not have enough experience in legal disputes, and this situation may cause the player to experience some loss of rights. To avoid such problems, it is of great importance to get consultancy services from a professional sports law attorney. When a lawyer controls or regulates the athlete’s contract, possible disputes can be avoided before they arise. 

If a dispute arises, the player’s chance of being justified will increase with the articles our sports injury lawyers will add to the contract. The Istanbul Lawyer Firm has experienced lawyers in such matters.

Importance of a Professional Sports Law Firm

The legal processes that football players may encounter arise in more than one way. Legal consultancy is needed in case of an attack on the football player's personal rights.

Another issue that will make it necessary for football players to need legal services is the penalties imposed on them by the clubs they are affiliated with. Players have the right to object to these penalties and the authority to make the objection to the Turkish Football Federation. 

It is challenging for a football player with no experience in the legal field to manage these processes. The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm has professional services, and our sports law attorneys are involved in solving problems that football players may encounter.

Yet another problem that will make it necessary for the players to need legal services is that the clubs they are affiliated with do not pay the debts arising from the contracts to the players. 

Also, football players occasionally pursue their careers internationally. If these processes are not managed correctly, loss of material and moral rights may occur for the football player. To prevent such situations, athletes should seek professional legal advice.

The contracts signed by the players in a foreign language should be analysed correctly. In addition, it is necessary to have a good command of the legal rules for collecting receivables. A football player or manager will need legal advice.

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