Divorce Lawyers in Turkey

The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm is a globally recognized Istanbul-based law firm. Providing services in many different branches of law, our successful firm also meets the need for divorce lawyers in Turkey. Our senior divorce lawyers, who are part of our firm, are at your side to ensure that you are minimally affected by the divorce process.

As the Istanbul Lawyer Firm, we are aware that the divorce process is very hard for everybody. We provide you with the best legal support from our professional lawyers in this challenging process. As a result, when it comes to family law cases, we work to simplify for you this tiresome process.

Prominent Turkish Divorce Law Attorneys

Turkish divorce law is a branch that requires specialization. As in every field, clients want to work with the best lawyer in divorce law and want the case process to be carried out in the best way. For this reason, applying to a good divorce law attorney firm is very important for the entire course of a case. 

Our law firm, which you can contact for your divorce lawyer in Turkey needs, works with well-known Turkish divorce lawyers. Thus, you can get a professional legal service and be one step ahead during your case.

Our Services as a Turkish Divorce Law Firm

Unfortunately, statistics show that the number of disputes between couples and requests for divorce has increased recently. However, at this point, it is an undeniable fact that the parties have a good divorce lawyer because a good divorce lawyer means good service. The services provided by our company in this direction can be listed as follows:

  • Following the divorce process of couples and filing a divorce case when necessary
  • To initiate and pursue custody proceedings against the other party or to pursue an existing custody proceeding
  • Preparing the protocol for uncontested divorce cases
  • Preparing a marriage contract upon request
  • Filing or pursuing an existing alimony case

Our divorce lawyers represent you with the services listed above. Thus, this process is carried out in the most efficient way possible.

Importance of a Professional Divorce Law Firm

In uncontested divorces, the role of the lawyer or law firm is less vital as the parties reconcile with each other. However, in contentious divorce cases, since the problems between the parties are serious, the choice of a law firm, and therefore the choice of lawyer, is significant. 

On the other hand, to protect the assets of the aggrieved party, eliminate the victimization, file a compensation lawsuit, request alimony, and complete the processes such as custody in the best way, it is necessary to work with a law firm specialized in every subject. At this point, The Istanbul Lawyer Firm is a law firm that meets all your needs.

Contact Our Turkish Divorce Law Attorneys

People who choose a divorce attorney should pay attention to the knowledge and expertise of the other party. Today, there are many law firms. However, it is incorrect to say that all of them are experienced and specialized. For this reason, it is necessary to be meticulous when choosing a law firm in order to ensure success. At this point, you can get a quality service by contacting the leading lawyers of our company in the legal community.