International Arbitration Lawyers in Turkey

Arbitration is the agreement of parties for final and binding settlement of disputes that have arisen or may arise between the parties, instead of the court, with persons called arbitrators, provided that they are within the scope of matters permitted by the law to be resolved through arbitration.

As a result of the ever-increasing development of international commercial relations, the method of resolving disputes between the parties by the arbitrator or arbitrators chosen by the parties instead of state courts has become increasingly common. One of the reasons for this situation is the rapid conclusion of the arbitration proceedings.

Prominent Turkish Arbitration Lawyers

The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm provides all necessary support to its clients in the context of arbitration law in Turkey. Among these, the arrangement of the arbitration agreement is the first thing to be done. 

Our arbitration attorneys prevent their clients from being harmed by preparing the arbitration agreement in detail and per the law. As it is known, the arbitration agreement is bound to strict form conditions. If these conditions are not complied with, it is crucial to consult an arbitration lawyer, as the arbitration agreement will be invalid.

Our Services as a Turkish Arbitration Law Firm

The Istanbul Lawyer Firm carries out an interim injunction and precautionary attachment proceedings for the other party upon its request during the arbitration proceedings. Arbitrators do not make injunctive relief or preventive attachment decisions. Persons who wish to obtain an interim injunction or an interim attachment decision during the arbitration proceedings should apply to an arbitration lawyer. We provide detailed information to our clients regarding this issue and carry out the proceedings as the Istanbul Lawyer Firm upon our client’s authorisation.

Our international arbitration law firm in Turkey provides full support to its clients in selecting arbitrators for arbitration proceedings, refusing arbitrators and arranging the matters that the arbitrators must comply with.

Importance of a Professional Arbitration Law Firm

The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm offers its clients assistance concerning the rules that will be used in the procedures, choosing the location of the arbitration, and providing the relevant proceedings.

After providing all these procedures, our arbitration lawyers carry out the proceedings of filing lawsuits in arbitration upon the client's request. Since arbitration proceedings are very different from ordinary proceedings, arbitration proceedings must be conducted by expert Turkish lawyers. The Istanbul Lawyer Firm provides full support to its clients and follows their work very well with its expert staff.

After the arbitration proceeding, a decision is rendered according to that proceeding. Our arbitration lawyers in Turkey also carry out the proceedings for the annulment of this decision upon the client's request. Since it is a very different procedure from the standard trial procedure, it is a timed procedure that needs attention.

In other words, the right to file a lawsuit may be lost if the form conditions are not fulfilled or the time is missed. For this reason, those who want to file an action for annulment of the arbitration decision should apply to the Istanbul Lawyer Firm to obtain information and request support.

For the decisions of the foreign arbitrator to be put into enforcement proceedings in Turkey, the recognition and enforcement procedures must be carried out after they become final. Our arbitration law firm in Turkey carries out the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards upon the request of its foreign clients.

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After analysing all the facts, our arbitration lawyers offer the best services to their clients. Regarding arbitration law and other legal services, the ER&GUN&ER Law Firm in Istanbul is Turkey's top law firm.

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