Real Estate Consultancy in Turkey

With its rich history and dynamic real estate market, Turkey has become an alluring destination for local and foreign investors. Yet, navigating the complexities of property transactions in this bustling metropolis can be challenging. In this sense, real estate consultancy in Turkey is a service that includes providing expert guidance and support to people, businesses, and investors involved in different aspects of the Turkish real estate market to overcome potential challenges. The services of real estate consultancy in Turkey cover numerous activities related to buying, selling, investing, or operating properties within the country. To help you comprehend this field better, we put together all the necessary information about real estate consultancy in Turkey in this article.

Buying and Selling Real Estates in Turkey

Are you planning to buy or sell real estate in Turkey? Then, you should be aware of the requirements of these procedures. First, look at the essentials for buying real estate. If you plan to do this, you should decide on your budget and how much you are ready to spend on a property, considering the purchase price and other costs like taxes, fees, and potential renovation costs. Also, since Turkey is a diverse country with many options, from bustling cities to serene coastal towns, buying real estate requires research and visiting different locations to find the preferred place. 

Before starting this journey, the legal requirements for buying real estate should be considered. This is essential for a smooth process and to comply with the legal framework and real estate law in Turkey. Also, foreigners can buy real estate in Turkey, yet certain restrictions may exist. For instance, it is not allowed to buy or rent property in military zones is not permitted. For real estate consultancy in Turkey, it is advisable to consult a Turkish lawyer firm. At Istanbul Lawyer Firm, with our experienced and English-speaking lawyers in Turkey, we are ready to guide you on your buying real estate journey. 

Several factors should be considered for selling real estate, too. First of all, it is significant to evaluate the current market value of the property. To make the property more appealing to potential buyers and increase its value in the market, you can also make any necessary repairs or improvements. Besides, using websites, real estate agents, and other marketing channels to promote the property is essential. 

Remember that to guarantee a smooth, problem-free, and legally compliant process, working with a Turkish real estate lawyer or agency is highly recommended when selling real estate. You can get help from a Turkish law firm for a real estate consultancy in Turkey. 

Turkish Real Estate Consulting Services

There are several areas of the real estate market where consultants can offer helpful assistance if you are searching for services in real estate consultancy in Turkey. Both buyers and sellers may benefit from these services. Some of the services offered by real estate consulting services are stated below.

  • Real estate consultants can offer comprehensive market analysis and research to assist you in making good choices. They can provide information on price changes, property trends, and the best areas to buy or invest in.
  • Buyers can find suitable real estate that fulfills their needs and wants in terms of location and affordability with the help of real estate consultants. Consequently, the procedure can be less time-consuming. 
  • To help determine the market worth of a property, consultants can evaluate its value. This service is crucial for buyers who want to pay an accurate cost and sellers who want to set a competitive price.

How Does Istanbul Lawyer Firm Work as a Real Estate Consultant?

The dynamic real estate market of Turkey, its expanding tourism sector, and its wide variety of properties make real consultancy in Turkey a fulfilling and potentially beneficial endeavor. In this context, choosing an experienced and skilled Turkish property rental lawyer also plays a significant role. 

At Istanbul Lawyer Firm, apart from our legal services, we offer the services of real estate consultancy in Turkey to foreign individuals looking to buy or sell real estate in the Turkish market. If you are a foreigner considering buying or selling a property, we can guide you through this journey and help you have a smooth and efficient process that complies with legal regulations. These are stated below.

For foreigners wanting to buy property in the Turkish real estate market, we assist in finding suitable properties according to their needs and budgets. For property owners, we also help find tenants and draft related contracts like sales agreements to protect the rights of our customers. 

We manage each sales process step for our clients who want to sell their properties. This process can be challenging and generally requires several steps, from tracking dues and rent expenses to transferring title deeds and sales fees, but we handle each of them professionally. During these transaction processes, we ensure that all documentation is completed accurately and your financial interests are protected. Our main aim is to provide clients with legal and successful guidance throughout their process.