Turkey Work Permit Lawyer

A foreign national who wants to continue his/her working life in Turkey must obtain a work permit by law. A request must be made to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to receive a work permit. In this regard, the person should work with an expert law firm such as The Istanbul Lawyer Firm. 

Our specialised law firm works with foreign nationals to ensure that they can continue their lives by obtaining a work permit. By contacting our company, you can get a high-level legal service; thus, you do not have to deal with long court processes.

Prominent Turkish Work Permit Law Attorneys

A foreign national must have a work permit to work or have a job in Turkey. To obtain the permit in question, an application must be made to the court through a knowledgeable lawyer in this field. Although the requirements for requesting a permit from Turkey are simple, a prominent Turkish work permit law attorney firm should undoubtedly handle this process. In this direction, our office, The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm, stands out.

The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm has been serving in the sector for many years. Our office, which has expertise in many branches of law, not only in obtaining a residence permit but also in areas such as citizenship laws in Turkey, is ready to help you with all your needs.

Our Services as a Turkish Work Permit Law Firm

In addition to the individual's request for the renewal of their work permit, we support the following people who do not have a work permit:

  • Foreign workers 
  • Foreign company partners
  • Domestic workers
  • Foreign nationals under temporary protection

Moreover, as a work permit attorney firm, we provide support to people at the following points:

  • Preparing the necessary documents
  • Making applications and maintaining correspondence
  • Following the whole process

Thus, foreigners can obtain the necessary permits to work in Turkey and work without worries.

Importance of a Professional Work Permit Law Firm

It is of great matter to work with a good law firm on such a sensitive issue as obtaining a work permit. This is due to the fact that using lawyers who are not specialists in this area usually increases the risk of having a work permit denied. However, this is different when you work with The Istanbul Lawyer Firm.

Moreover, our company, which you can apply for your need to work permit lawyer in Turkey, ensures that you get your permit document in a short time by closely following the whole process for you. In short, you can get your work permit effortlessly by choosing our company.

Contact Our Turkish Work Permit Law Attorneys

The number of foreign workers in our nation has expanded along with the number of foreign nationals. Therefore, these persons must have a work permit. However, for a work permit that can be obtained by applying for a work permit to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, people should get help from a good lawyer. At this point, you can get the help you need easily and quickly by contacting the qualified lawyers of our company.