Insurance Lawyers in Turkey

Private insurance law is a wide-ranging legal service ranging from life insurance, such as health insurance to loss insurance, such as traffic insurance. It is possible to evaluate the regulation of the legal collateral relationship between the insurer and the insured and to realize it in the best way for the parties within the scope of Insurance Law. As Istanbul Law Firm, we provide services to solve your insurance lawyer in Turkey needs in an entirely, professional way.

Prominent Turkish Insurance Law Attorneys

We examine both loss insurance and life insurance under the regulations of the Turkish Commercial Code and provide legal services together with our expert team, we advise you personally in the face of legal situations. As insurance lawyers, the attorneys working in our company provide expert information about the legal obligations you may face in this area and protect you as a client against possible sanctions.

The need for an insurance lawyer arises from the fact that situations that occur within the scope of insurance and are not in compliance with the law have criminal and material sanctions. As a insurance law attorney firm, we provide our services in the best way and with the best possible referrals for our clients.

Our Servies as a Turkish Insurance Law Firm

Within the scope of private insurance law, we meet your insurance lawyer's requirements with our experience and legal expertise. We provide the best possible level of insurance attorney support since the consequences of receiving inadequate insurance advice are harmful both financially and within the scope of the company's reputation. As The ER &GUN &ER Law Firm, we can list the scope of the service we provide in the field of Insurance Law as follows:

  • Fire, accident, vehicle, etc. insurance as Loss Insurance
  • Special condition insurance
  • Private health, group life, etc. insurance, such as Life Insurance

The Istanbul Lawyer Firm attorneys are complete experts in their field and have legal reasoning skills. Our company, which provides services within the scope of insurance law in the best way, meets your Insurance needs both in terms of consulting and legal processes.

Importance of a Professional Insurance Law Firm

Insurance Law brings with it many legal obligations. Our lawyer service ensures that you can operate the process without suffering legal damage, even if the situations covered by insurance may cause serious consequences. Even at the most critical moments, you can contact us to ensure that the rights of your company or individual are protected on legal grounds.

Contact Our Turkish Insurance Law Attorneys

The Istanbul Lawyer Firm lawyers provide consultancy in the field of Insurance Law. With his knowledge of the legislation in the insurance field and his experience in this field, our insurance lawyers work for your needs and offer legal solutions. 

On the other hand, as an insurance law firm in Turkey, we offer insurance lawyer services to Turkish and foreign companies. You can get legal advice by contacting us by phone or mail.