Turkish Family Lawyers

Family law is a subset of civil law that deals with concerns about families. Engagement, the terms and conditions of marriage, the terms and conditions of divorce, property regimes, family residency, paternity, adoption, custody, the right to child support, guardianship, trusteeship, legal counseling, and alimony are the key topics of family law. To oversee family law, Turkey has a large number of family lawyers. 

The Turkish Civil Code includes laws relating to family, marriage, and divorce laws in Turkey. A family law attorney should be consulted in cases of family law conflicts if you want the business and transactions of persons to go smoothly and swiftly. Also, a family law attorney’s range of duties is extensive. To begin with, it is a field that encompasses the entire time frame from engagement to divorce.

Prominent Turkish Family Law Attorneys 

Regarding social structure, rights are not immediately granted in Turkey, and family members must go through attorneys in Family Courts to find a resolution. No legal barrier prevents the family member from pursuing his case with a non-specialized counsel since he can resolve the legal disagreement in the family court without a lawyer. 

Applying to a family lawyer who specializes in family law disputes and works for a more pragmatic, useful, and speedy resolution is the more sensible course of action because an experienced family lawyer can handle family conflicts through continual communication and counseling, peaceful agreements with family members, and the avoidance of litigation where necessary.

Many family lawyers are working in the field of family law in Turkey. Family issues are revealed and resolved with the family lawyers at ER& GUN& ER law firm. In this direction, thanks to many of our lawyers in the Istanbul Lawyer firm, you can settle legal issues in the family.

Our Services as a Turkish Family Law Firm 

One civil law division that governs family interactions is family law. Turkish Civil Code divides family law into three basic categories marriage law, kinship law, and guardianship law. In this context, as ER& GUN& ER law firm, the issues we deal with in family law are as follows:

  • Engagement
  • Terms and Conditions of Marriage
  • Conditions and Consequences of Divorce,
  • Property Regimes and Sharing of Property
  • Family Housing
  • Pedigree
  • Adoption
  • Custody
  • Child Support in Turkey
  • Women’s Rights
  • Children’s Rights
  • Guardianship
  • Trusteeship

International treaties have been adopted to defend the order of families, which are the pillars of society, and legislators have enacted legislation on all of these family-related issues. Many family cases can be clarified thanks to the skilled family lawyers in our Istanbul Law Firm. You can also receive assistance from us in this regard through the family law system.

Importance of a Professional Law Firm 

Family lawyers settle family disputes by preserving their reputations and weighing all relevant legal considerations. For people’s businesses and transactions to move forward fast and provide positive results, it is crucial to see a lawyer today. The conflicts that arise are significant for society, even though the family individuals form is the smallest structural unit.

At this point, it becomes important to seek legal counsel from a family attorney. Applying to a subject matter expert is crucial when dealing with concerns that significantly impact people’s lives. Working with a lawyer is vital for overseeing the procedure, determining the best course of action, and ensuring the health and safety of the processes.

Contact Our Turkish Family Law Attorneys 

Family law is very important for a peaceful and happy family. Istanbul lawyer firm serves different fields of law. It works with its qualified and professional lawyers in family law, as well as the quality services it provides in all legal fields. In this direction, if you are looking for a family law firm lawyer who is an expert in his field, you can contact us and report your problem.

Turkish family law deals with many different areas. These are generally related to family structure; issues such as divorce, inheritance, and custody Family lawyers trained within the scope of the Turkish legal system serve at the ER& GUN& ER law firm. Yet, you can contact us to solve family problems and get safe service throughout this process.