Enforcement and Bankruptcy Lawyers in Turkey

Turkish enforcement and bankruptcy law are the processes a person conducts with litigation. Bankruptcy law requires the parties to ensure that they will receive the debtor's assets. Enforcement law is the legal process that is carried out by judicial and extrajudicial execution or by way of foreclosure. In both cases, creditors and debtors it is required to seek legal advice so that they can take action under the law. 

The Istanbul Lawyer Firm provides legal consultancy with lawyers specialized in enforcement and bankruptcy law. Its experience in the sector and high earning rate support Turkish and foreign clients.

Prominent Turkish Enforcement and Bankruptcy Lawyers

Foreclosure and bankruptcy processes are painful for companies, and obtaining legal assistance ensures that clients who are debtors and creditors can carry out this process without damaging their brands. The ER&GUN&ER Law Firm is one of the leading criminal and execution firms. Our experienced lawyers meet your enforcement and bankruptcy lawyer needs by providing the best service conditions.

You can contact us when you are struggling with unfair situations that arise in legal processes or when you are faced with situations threatening your assets. We provide consultancy to our clients who want to seek their rights through both reconciliation and litigation and who want to initiate a legal process.

Our Services as a Turkish Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law Firm

Our services in the execution and bankruptcy law field cover everything from litigation processes to application processes and general reviews. Our company carries out follow-up by ensuring that your documents are sufficient for applications in these areas. We aim to make the litigation processes the most comfortable for you.

We help borrowers to exercise their legal rights to defence and enforcement proceedings as much as possible. We always inform our clients about their legal rights and prepare them for the upcoming process. As an enforcement and bankruptcy law firm in Turkey, we take the necessary responsibility for your cases from you in the minimum time and lead you to success.

Importance of a Professional Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law Firm

If the receivables arising from private legal relations with the money paid by the debtor are not secured, the creditor may receive these receivables with public authority and assistance. Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, on the other hand, is the branch of law that contains regulations on how this request can be reached.

For the debtor and the creditors to succeed in the legal process, they must be able to fulfill the legal requirements and have knowledge in this field. As enforcement and bankruptcy lawyers, the services that we provide and that are important for legal processes are as follows:

  • Ability to act following the law,
  • Follow-up on crime and case files,
  • Support our lawyers who are familiar with the law

The Istanbul Lawyer Firm attorneys are lawyers with all the legal knowledge you may need and the ability to reason in the face of the law. You can overcome the legal problems you encounter with minimal damage by getting support from us. Apart from enforcement and bankruptcy law-related services, you can contact our firm for Turkish tax lawyers and insurance attorneys in Turkey.

Contact Our Turkish Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law Attorneys

Extrajudicial execution can be called legal sanctions, which include foreclosure and follow-up through promissory notes. As an enforcement and bankruptcy law attorney firm in this field of law, we provide all the advice you need to cope with legal processes.

By contacting our expert and experienced lawyers, you can solve your need for an enforcement and bankruptcy attorney and apply for lawsuits with a high winning rate. You can contact us to make an appointment with The Istanbul Lawyer Firm attorneys who are focused on gaining vast information and are always under the law.