Turkish Health Law

Health law, one of the subfields in the field of law, deals with discrepancies and issues related to this field. In that sense, Turkish Health Law is an area that provides order in the field of health and helps to protect the rights of patients and physicians. Especially, with the increase in health tourism in Turkey, many people want to learn more about Turkish Health Law and solve law cases related to health. To solve a case in this field, you need a Turkish law firm. As Istanbul Lawyer Firm, we will help you with this and give information about Turkish Health Law in this article. 

The Structure of Turkish Health Law 

The structure of Turkish Health Law is based on regulating the rights of people who receive health services, the providers who provide these services, and the relations of the governments with these people.

The structure of Turkish Health Law is determined by health legislation, which consists of laws, statutes, regulations, and directives. Primarily, it concerns people, institutions, or organizations that provide health services and people who receive health services. The actions in this field include practices like The Law on Practice of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Nursing Law, National Health Policy, and The Health Transformation Program. Thanks to such regulations and changes, the structure of Turkish Health Law has been shaped over the years.

Objectives of Turkish Health Law

There are some aims of it to create a fair environment and minimize the problems in this field. These are:

  • To Protect the Rights of Patients and Physicians: With the help of the Turkish Ministry of Health, the primary responsibility is to provide health services via public hospitals and family health centers. 
  • To Prevent Problems that May Arise Between the Patient and the Physicians: To protect the relationship between the patient and the physician in general and reduce the legal problems in this field, some regulations are made like examination and the obligations of hospitals.
  • To Regulate Basic Principles Related to the Development, Function, and Responsibilities of the Ministry of Health: For years, regulations and laws have been made in this area. By doing that, it’s intended to improve the country's overall equal public health status.
  • To Keep People's Physical and Mental Health Stable During Their Lifespan: Everyone has the right to live a healthy life. It’s aimed at taking all necessary public measures and establishing related institutional bodies. 

Protection of Patient Rights and Health Information

According to Turkish Health Law, the privacy and the consent of the patient should be obtained and the patient should benefit from the services in line with his/her consent. The patient's privacy must be respected. In that sense, the information about the examination, diagnosis, treatment, and other procedures that are related to the patient should be kept with the consent of the patient. Information obtained due to the provision of health services cannot be disclosed in any way, except as permitted by law.

Ensuring Universal Health Coverage in Turkey

Turkey has a combination of services of public and private healthcare and universal health services within the scope of the General Health Insurance system. The main benefit is to cover health problems in Turkey. In terms of emergencies, occupational accidents/diseases, pregnancy and childbirth, and events like natural disasters or war, this system covers medical treatments. 

Key Aspects of Turkish Health Law

The key aspect of it is to protect the patient’s and the physician’s rights. Health is a serious field and every mistake or disorder made in this field can lead to serious consequences. However, if the Turkish Health Law is complied with, the rights of the patient and the physician are protected.

Patient Rights in Turkey

Every patient in Turkey has the right to get medical care, regardless of their ethnicity, language, religion, sex, political position, beliefs, economic situation, or social status. Besides, patients have the right to privacy and request any information about their health status, choosing or changing the healthcare institution and its personnel, and refusing or asking for treatment to be stopped. With Health Law, every person’s right to get medical services are protected.

Physician's Rights in Turkey

In the doctor-patient relationship and other work-related situations, physicians have several legally protected rights. These rights are explained as follows:

  • Practicing Their Profession Freely: They have the right to practice their profession without being pressured by any person/authority. 
  • Using Modern Technology: They should be allowed to practice their profession with adequate tools and have the right to demand suitable environments or equipment for this purpose from the state or the institution they’re affiliated with.
  • Asking for Consultation: They can ask for consultation from other physicians for his/her patient for medical/legal reasons.
  • Refusing Patient: In some cases, doctors have the right to refuse the patient. For instance, if the patient has used threatening or insulting words against the physician, the physician can refuse the patient.

FAQ About Health Law in Turkey

Here’re FAQs about Health Law in Turkey. If you have more questions, you can contact our Turkish lawyer firm, Istanbul Lawyer Firm. 

What is the Healthcare Policy of Turkey?

Health policies are the decisions, choices, and regulations made by authorities or decision-makers on an international/national scale to determine how medical services will be produced, financed, and provided to the public. That’s why, the effectiveness of health policies and their regulation-related current needs have great importance in terms of raising healthy generations and ensuring sustainable development. In Turkey, all healthcare activities are coordinated by the Ministry of Health. 

What is Medical Malpractice?

It happens when a medical professional fails to offer a patient the correct treatment or gives a patient poor treatment that results in serious cases like injury or death. Misdiagnosis and giving misinformation about the laboratory results or treatment process are considered medical malpractices too. 

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What is Medical Intervention?

It’s the action taken to prevent or treat a disease and improve a patient’s health with medical care. Any activity performed by a person authorized to practice the medical profession for direct/indirect treatment is medical intervention. These activities include the diagnosis and treatment methods or severe surgical interventions like surgery too.

Is Every Medical Intervention in accordance with the Health Law?

Certain requirements must be completed for the legality of medical intervention. These are the presence of medical intervention, the patient's approval, the authority to receive medical treatment in the specific circumstance, and the execution of the medical treatment in line with the legal requirement of it.

Is All Cosmetic Surgery or Dental Treatments Covered by Health Coverage in Turkey?

Universal Health Insurance covers most health problems in Turkey except for some cosmetic surgery and dental treatments. Health tourism is very popular in Turkey but these are rarely covered by health insurance.