Turkish Inheritance Lawyers

Inheritance and probate cases are shaped according to articles in the force of law. Many articles are included under these provisions, such as the heir must be at least 15 years old or the conditions that the heir must fulfill in terms of inheritance. Therefore, apart from inheritances received with an official inheritance certificate, people need legal advice. The Istanbul Lawyer Firm makes the transfer or receipt of inheritance processes the easiest and fastest for its clients.

Inheritance cases can be filed in various fields, such as renunciation, refusal of inheritance, and determining inheritance. You can contact us to receive the inheritance you are entitled to through litigation or reconciliation or to transfer your inheritance. You can also manage the inheritance process by legal means.

Prominent Turkish Inheritance Lawyers

As inheritance and dispute lawyers, we support our Turkish and foreign clients in learning the legal aspects of inheritance cases. We ensure you can defend your rights by using lawful means regarding the obstacles encountered in the inheritance acquisition processes.

Our firm is a prominent inheritance law firm in Turkey. In our firm, we give to our clients about renouncing inheritance or claiming inheritances that are not subject to kinship relationships. The heirs who are summoned by law and summoned by the will of the legal heir are divided into two. Therefore, depending on which type of heir the client is, there may be changes in his legal rights. You can contact us to get information about your inheritance rights and, if necessary, to receive consultancy services during the legal process.

Our Services as a Turkish Inheritance Law Firm

As The ER&GUN&ER LAW Firm, we appoint expert and experienced lawyers in inheritance cases. Inheritance dispute lawyers The services we offer for your needs are as follows:

  • Information about the inheritance process,
  • Learning about inherited rights,
  • Legal support in the process of proving a kinship relationship,
  • Preparing an application document for rejection or inheritance purchase

We will help you to provide legal proof of your inheritance in your needs. In addition, we provide legal support for obtaining a certificate of inheritance or preparing a certificate of presentation. If you want to apply for the legal process related to the inheritance, you can contact us, thereby increasing your chances and speed of winning.

Importance of a Professional Inheritance Law Firm

In cases where there is no official or written document regarding the inheritance, there is no kinship relationship between the inheritor and their representative, or the heir passed away before 04.01.2016; the inheritance cannot be collected through a notary public. Therefore, you have to apply the legal process.

In addition, in cases where the inheritance owner has died since 23.11.1990, and his wife is still alive, an application to a notary cannot be made. Therefore, inheritance cases are observed where only some things are legally provable, including cases such as adoption. Because there are a lot of legal details about inheritance, it is helpful to consult a lawyer before application. You can contact our company for your needs and get advice. Istanbul Lawyer Firm’s attorneys will always provide legal services to you under the best conditions.

Contact Our Turkish Inheritance Law Attorneys

Within the scope of inheritance law in Turkey, we provide inheritance attorney services to you for probate certificates, criticism cases, and much more. As an inheritance law firm, we are working to give you the best service.

The Istanbul Lawyer Firm attorneys support you in inheritance in cases where you cannot apply to a notary. Since there is no time limit on applying for a certificate of inheritance, you can always defend your legal rights. You can contact The Istanbul Lawyer Firm attorneys on our website for your inheritance lawyer in Turkey searches.