Turkish Citizenship by Investment

The presence of foreigners in Turkey, not as tourists but directly as holders of Turkish citizenship, is a situation that brings with it a wide variety of advantages. The increasing situation of obtaining citizenship in Turkey's neighboring countries has also increased the popularity of citizenship obtained in Turkey. Opportunities such as providing easy access to various visas, making more profitable investments, and visa-free travel are just a few advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment. 

Individuals from various countries who want to obtain Turkish citizenship must have legal grounds and certain real estate investments. Because obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment is a fairly simple method. However, thanks to the citizenship lawyer's consultation, obtaining Turkish citizenship becomes easier. Our company provides consultancy and legal services to people seeking Turkish citizenship from various angles.

Legal Grounds for Getting Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Although it is quite comfortable and easy to obtain citizenship in Turkey, documents are requested by the Constitution, and the reasons related to the investment made. The reasons in question and the requested documents may vary greatly depending on the specific type of investment. The documents that people who want to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment should have are as follows:

  • Two passport pictures
  • Copy of residence permit document
  • Certified Public Accountant approved investment certificate
  • Forms and records related to investment information

Moreover, a sample of the population registration and, if any, reporting documents on marital status are also requested for the application. The notarized translation of the population registration samples is also among the documents that people who want to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment should have. A residence permit, albeit short-term, is required for citizenship application.

While answering the “How to get Turkish citizenship by investment?" question, the situations in which people who want to obtain Turkish citizenship must comply are also important. People who want to own Turkey citizenship by property investment should not withdraw their investments for 3 years. 

Although the price of the investment in question varies according to different types of investments, it is possible to say that basically 400,000 US dollars is requested. People who want to acquire citizenship in Turkey with different types of investments can request detailed information by contacting our Istanbul Law Firm.

Process of Turkish Citizenship by Investment

People who have obtained citizenship by investing in Turkey should choose one of the various investment paths. According to the chosen investment method, differences may occur in the requested documents. Nevertheless, the commitment of the realized investment is three years for all.

If the necessary documents have been completed after the application, the application response is carried out no later than three months. Providing the necessary documents to a lawyer eliminates the possibility of encountering any problems. You can contact us to work with our expert lawyers who specialize in the field of citizenship by investing in our law firm.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship with Property Purchase

Foreigners who request citizenship by investment should also invest in real estate with a minimum value and a 3-year commitment when they invest through real estate. Since there may be changes in the minimum value in question, it is necessary to review the requirements with the help of a lawyer. In this way, the application can be made correctly. The application must be submitted to the General Directorate of Land Register. If the investment is made, the application is accepted.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship with a Bank Deposit?

The minimum required investment amount for foreigners who want to apply for citizenship by investment through bank legislation is 500,000 US dollars. Certification that the investment in question will be kept in the bank for at least three years is also required. 

Five hundred thousand American dollars are also accepted in exchange for the exact value of foreign currency or Turkish lira. The necessary application for this transaction should be made to the competent judicial authority, the Banking Regulation, and Supervision Agency.

A Glance at Turkish Passport and Turkish Citizenship

When it comes to Citizenship by Investment, foreigners will get the right to study and work in Turkey. There are various advantages such as privileges such as an E2 visa and Schengen visa, positive returns of dual citizenship, and being able to live and reside in Turkey easily. 

In addition, the citizenship in question also brings with it a service for which you are exempt from military service. You must evaluate Turkish citizenship by investment option for a better future for both you and your children. You can contact us to get professional legal consultancy services by working with expert attorneys in citizenship laws.

Reach Us for Regarding Turkish Citizenship Law by Investment

To obtain a Turkish passport by investment, you must first apply. You need the help of a good lawyer for your application to be accepted well and your citizenship request to be returned positively. You can request advice from our lawyers in areas requiring legal knowledge, such as determining the appropriate bank and legal institutions suitable for your investment style and preparing documents.

Although the “Can you buy Turkish citizenship?" question is answered: yes, there are long procedures. You can make an appointment quickly by using the contact addresses on our website to benefit from our law firm's expert and experienced lawyers in their field.

FAQ About Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Do You Have to Travel to Turkey to Start the Citizenship Procedures?

There is no residence requirement required for Citizenship by investment Turkey applications. However, you must get help with registration, translation, and delivery of documents through someone located in Turkey, even if you are not in Turkey.

How Much Does It Take to Invest in Turkey to Get Citizenship?

Although the price of purchasing citizenship by investment for Turkey varies, you must invest a minimum of US $ 400,000 according to different types of real estate and not withdraw this investment for three years.

How Long Does It Take to Obtain a Turkish Citizenship?

Your Turkish citizenship by investment application is accepted by 3 months from the moment of application.

n Bank Deposit Option, Can You Earn Interest on the Deposited Amounts?

Depending on the specific investment type, there are changes in the interest rights for obtaining citizenship by investment.

Is Turkish Citizenship Valid for Life?

Purchases of Turkish citizenship made through investment are valid for life. In addition, the children of individuals who will be born are also considered to be Turkish citizens directly.

Can You Change Your Name After Obtaining Citizenship of Turkey?

After obtaining Turkish citizenship, name and surname changes can be made. Foreigners can choose Turkish names for themselves.

Do the Applicants Have to Reside in Turkey at Any Stage of the Application?

The residence is temporarily required for citizenship purchase transactions carried out through investment.

How Many Times do Applicants Need to Travel to Turkey During the Process?

As long as the residence certificate, which is important for completing the necessary applications, is provided, the applicants do not need to come to Turkey.

How Many Family Members Can Apply for Citizenship Along with the Main Applicant?

There is no limit in the number of family members who received citizenship with a single application for Turkish citizenship obtained by investment.

Are There Any Tax Liabilities After Becoming Turkish Citizens?

Persons who have settled in Turkey are taxpayers, but for those who have not settled, only the sources of income from Turkey are taxed.

Is There Any Language Requirement?

No, there is no language requirement when purchasing Turkish citizenship.

After Getting Turkish Citizenship, is It Compulsory to Exercise Military Services in Turkey?

There is no obligation of military service after obtaining Turkish citizenship, but various age-related situations exist. You can benefit from detailed articles on our site about the subject.

How Can a Pakistani National Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

Citizenship by investment is preferable for Pakistani and other foreign persons to obtain citizenship from Turkey.

Are There Any Restricted Countries?

Turkish citizenship provides the right of passage to 113 different countries. There are no banned countries.

How Can You Get Permanent Residency in Turkey?

You can comfortably obtain permanent citizenship and a residence permit by acquiring citizenship from Turkey through investment.

Can You Live Permanently in Turkey?

You can live permanently in Turkey by obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment.

Can a Foreigner Purchase a House in Turkey?

Foreigners can buy a house from Turkey; they can also obtain citizenship by investing in real estate.