Turkish Contract Lawyers

The realization of contracts prepared for various purposes within the borders of Turkey, depending on the legal bases, falls within the scope of contract law. These types of contracts can be made in areas where there may be a dispute or, on the contrary, reconciliation is expected to be achieved. 

Many legal documents such as rental contracts, property contracts, or insurance contracts are processed within the scope of this field. Istanbul Lawyer Firm makes it possible for foreign and Turkish clients to conclude contracts by the constitution within the scope of contract law and through lawyers specialized in their field.

Prominent Turkish Contract Law Attorneys 

Although the preparation of a contract is carried out within the basic rules and expectations of the parties, it is necessary to obtain a contract lawyer consultancy for a contract that has a legal basis. A contract to which you are one of the parties must be checked by a second lawyer hired by you, even if it was drawn up by a lawyer specialized in this matter. Thus, when signing a contract, you can first make sure whether it is useful to you or not. 

If you do not have experience in the law field, a paper you are about to sign may contain full of pitfalls that will result against you. A contract that only looks out for your benefit can be a good contract for you. For this reason, we recommend that you create official valid documents by having an appointment request from the ER&GUN&ER Law Firm, which provides contract lawyer services.

Our Services as a Turkish Contract Law Firm 

The Istanbul Law Firm lawyers make it possible to prepare a contract in the best way for you valuable contract holders, within the scope of the property or agreement. We work only with lawyers who are experts in their field and, of course, experienced to provide superior quality service in this field. 

The people in our law firm make preparations by foreseeing situations such as compromise or conflict of interest while preparing a contract. Therefore, the articles of the contract prepared wisely and under the law are being prepared by meticulously studying. The services we provide during the preparation of the contract can be listed as follows:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Loan contracts
  • Insurance contracts
  • Rental contracts
  • Labor contracts

Also we provide legal contract lawyer consultancy for remedies for breach of contract, proceedings of cancellation of the contract for our foreign and Turkish clients.

Importance of a Professional Contract Law Firm 

The contracts prepared within the scope of formality in Turkey are very comprehensive. Therefore, and first of all, it is necessary for people who often work under contracts to obtain legal advice regularly, rather than constantly getting approval from a notary. In this way, major responsibilities that can be realized by taking advantage of legal deficits can be avoided. 

Making sure that the contracts that you are about to approve for your company or person are in your favor saves you from any problems that may arise. The Istanbul Lawyer Firm attorneys guarantee that they will provide the best legal advice. In addition, they ensure that you can operate the processes related to the disputes of the parties in the contracts in the most comfortable way. In this regard, you can contact us directly by using the contact options on our website to obtain a contract lawyer.

Contact Our Turkish Contract Law Attorneys 

You can get legal advice from Istanbul Law Firm lawyers for your contract lawyer needs. So, you can have your contracts prepared directly by us with high-quality labor. We guarantee that the contracts prepared by us are completely according to your interests and totally under the law. 

As a law company that has many attorneys, such as Turkish commercial contract lawyers we guarantee and provide the best advice to our clients on dealing with problems arising from contract conflicts. In addition, we provide full support to our clients in litigation processes that may occur due to problems in contract conflicts. You can contact our contract law firm to have a contract prepared safely in Turkey or to have the checks for the contracts that already exist. So, you can choose our reliable legal consultancy service for your contract attorney needs.