Turkish Real Estate Lawyers

Located in Istanbul, Istanbul Lawyer Firm is a legal services provider. The firm, which is not limited to providing services in only one field of law, provides services in many areas, especially in real estate law. In addition, the successful firm has been providing professional services and working meticulously to solve legal problems since its establishment. 

Istanbul Lawyer Firm, which stands out, especially with its Turkish real estate lawyers, develops innovative strategic moves to ensure that you are not victimized in any way and get what you deserve.

Prominent Turkish Real Estate Law Attorneys

Working with prominent Turkish real estate law attorneys, Er&Gün&Er Law Firm provides legal and consultancy services for its clients. Professional lawyers who handle cases arising from real estate disputes play an active role in the legal process of resolution. Additionally, real estate attorneys must actively watch the litigation process as well as any decisions made regarding the case's resolution.

Our Services as a Turkish Real Estate Law Firm

The Istanbul Lawyer Firm is one of the most prominent firms in the legal field. Our real estate lawyers provide many services in the real estate field. The lawyers of The Istanbul Lawyer Firm, which you can apply for issues such as the arrangement of the lease agreement, obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, and compliance with zoning regulations, offer the most professional service. More comprehensive real estate law services that you can benefit from within the firm can be listed as follows:

  • Real estate cases
  • Elimination of joint ownership case
  • Preliminary sales and flat for land agreement
  • Possessory actions (action negatoria)
  • Real estate acquisition requirements and limitations for foreigners in Turkey

As a result, you can apply to Istanbul Law Firm for your real estate attorney law firm needs.

Importance of a Professional Real Estate Law Firm

Our real estate lawyers involved in the process of selling or buying a property are responsible for drafting the relevant documents, contracts, and paperwork. At the same time, our real estate lawyers must ensure that the process is handled in a way that benefits both the seller and the buyer. In this direction, the lawyer provides legal support in the following branches:

  • Deed Cancellation
  • Abolition of common property
  • Registration case
  • Expropriation case
  • Recovery of property
  • Build-operate-transfer contracts
  • Lease agreements

Thus, Er&Gün&Er Law Firm's specialized lawyers serve clients in the listed areas.

Contact Our Turkish Real Estate Law Attorneys

First of all, when choosing a real estate lawyer, one's work experience in one's profession is significant. However, the following factors should also be taken into account when choosing a reliable real estate attorney:

  • Work experience
  • Number of cases handled
  • Consultancy services provided
  • Whether there is a specialized lawyer
  • Other areas of specialization (e.g., enforcement law, Turkish inheritance law, etc.)

These listed criteria are essential for a good real estate lawyer. The Istanbul Lawyer Firm, one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to real estate law firms in Turkey, provides support in this subject. Thus, you can entrust your real estate cases to a reliable lawyer.