Turkey Gun Control Law

Individual armament takes place in a limited way in many countries by law. The legal practices in this regard are applied in different ways in every country. Consequently, if you decide to own a gun individually in any country, you must follow the laws of that territory. In this article, we will take a look at Turkey's gun control law and the requirements for the possession and carrying of guns.

But beforehand, it is useful to remind a few capital tips about the law. As in every country, the laws in Turkey are constantly changing and developing. Thus, the information contained herein may lose its validity due to regulated laws. To get the most accurate information about Turkey’s gun control law, you can review the “Resmi Gazette (Official Gazette)” or contact us.

Importance of Gun Control Laws

One of the questions that come to mind about the laws is whether it works or not. In this context, you may ask, “Do gun control laws work?”. The answer to this is quite simple. They work. Some researchers provide data to support this conclusion. At this point, the importance of gun control laws emerges.

Considering the results of the research, it is seen that the cases of murder and suicide have decreased in many countries, including Turkey, thanks to the gun control law. Thanks to the gun control law, those who make such attempts are also punished under the Turkish Criminal Law. But these penalties can vary from country to country, as we mentioned above. 

How Does Gun Control Work in Turkey?

Now we can start talking about the gun control law in Turkey. At this point, the laws are primarily divided into two for the possession and carrying of weapons. Therefore, Turkey’s gun control law has special requirements for individuals who want to own a gun. Consequently, whether you want to carry or have a gun, there are documents you must have to do so.

As it is abroad, some occupational groups are also granted the right to own and carry weapons under gun control law. We can list some of these occupational groups as follows:

  • Yellow Press Card Holders
  • Jewelers
  • General Managers and Assistants of Banks
  • Pilots
  • Land Owners
  • Herd Owners
  • Employees of 50 Insured Workers
  • Shooting Range Owners
  • To the Guardians Protecting Museums and Monuments
  • To the Guards in Charge of the Protection of Explosives Warehouses
  • Exchange Office Holders
  • Lawyers

The individuals in these occupational groups may have the right to both carry and own a gun, with a gun license. Hence, different gun licenses are specified in Turkey’s Gun Control Law. These licenses have to be renewed at the end of certain periods.

How Can You Buy a Gun in Turkey?

It’s given that according to the gun control law in Turkey, you must have a gun license to own or carry a gun. However, not every person can have an equivalent gun license. These licenses, which have certain types, are obtained according to suitability for the job. 

We can list these license types as follows:

  • Possession License
  • Carriage License
  • Public Servant Carriage License
  • Retired Public Servant Carriage License
  • Shotgun License

As stated before, each of the above licenses has a certain duration according to the Gun Control Law. When these periods expire, the license must be renewed. Renewal procedures are carried out from the same place as the process of obtaining licenses. 

People who want a gun license should apply to the Turkish Gendarmerie General Command with the required documents. After obtaining your gun license, you can buy guns from a shop with a sales license. If you have question about gun control, you can contact our Turkish criminal lawyers.

FAQs About Gun Control Law in Turkey

Here are some of the questions regarding gun control laws in Turkey.

What are the Requirements for Purchasing a Gun?

According to the Turkey Gun Control Law, specific requirements are required to purchase a gun. These generally include being over 21 and having a license to carry or possess a gun. In addition, people must acquire a health report stating that there is no obstacle to obtaining a gun license.

How Much Does a Gun Permit Cost?

There are two steps of payment to get a gun. The first refers to the application fee for your request. The other one depends on the gun license you will get. You can check the relevant law or go to the application center to find out the current asking price for each gun license.

Is There a Fine for Having an Unlicensed Gun?

According to Turkey’s Gun Control Law, not only the possession of a gun, but also the possession of a gun bullet can be considered a crime. The punishment may also vary depending on the weapon and the situation. However, you can get a penalty adding up to a prison sentence besides a fine.

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