Types of Companies in Turkey

The types of companies in Turkey differ in terms of structural and capital provision. Within the constitutional framework, the requirements that a company needs come to the fore and are regulated. Istanbul Lawyer Firm lawyers, who are experts in business law, offer high-level information and strategic structuring opportunities to their consultants.

Characteristics of Turkish Companies

Everything necessary from the point of view of the companies in Turkey is based on management and capital principles. In this aspect, the characteristics of Turkish companies can be summarized as legal companies that include the correct use of capital and the referrals of natural or legal persons. In this case, it is aimed at opening companies with little prospect of borrowing from a legal point of view and with the right management type.

Business Forms for Foreign Companies in Turkey

In Turkey, the business form has a form in which the money management is the company's board of directors, while the partners are responsible for the capital. With this aspect, it can be said that foreign people may take part in the active or passive management staff of foreign companies, but this does not apply to all company models.

Different Types of Companies in Turkey 

Companies in Turkey are structures consisting of managers, capitalists, and general provisions. Companies are distinguished from each other depending on the following characteristics:

  • Form of capital allowance
  • Active and passive company partners
  • Real and legal persons

Being a company that will be considered legal in terms of the Turkish Constitution is the obligation of every company in Turkey, regardless of its model.

Collective Company 

The collective company, which is especially preferred in terms of the absence of capital requirements, is very popular among the companies. The absence of capital requirements may mean that you are a partner in a boutique or large company with the desired size and market share in Turkey. A maximum of 2 common people can establish it within the collective company type. However, it is possible to obtain transfers and a larger number of shareholders on a management basis.

When different types of companies in Turkey are requested to be explained specifically, it is a must that the founders of the company are real persons. The number of shareholders can be increased in different company structures. Although there are different management forms for each company structure, these are the situations necessary to claim that a company has been legally established.

The issues that should be taken into consideration when making a statement about types of companies in Turkey are regulated for companies to have a say in the legal field. 

Limited Partnership Company 

Types of limited partnership companies, divided into two private or equity companies, can be established by a minimum of two people. However, the general criterion here is that not all business partners are indefinitely responsible. Because they can be joint legal entities that are not active, in addition, active persons, partners with unlimited responsibility and the right to speak should consist of real people.

Examples of limited partnership companies have a special place in Turkey. Because the active partners must manage the company, and the other partners must have a say in the capital. When it is said to have a say here, it is meant that the partners can provide the capital that falls on them by their contracts.

The corporate lawyers in Istanbul Lawyer Firm help their consultants establish a company through company registration principles in Turkey. You can contact us both for information and the contract preparation, and you can get the legal support you need.


Other types of companies in Turkey that differ in terms of company partners are cooperatives. These company structures, which can be established through at least seven arc partners, are created by purchasing shares. The minimum share value is 1000 TL. In the same way, the maximum share value that each partner can buy is 5.000 TL.

Partnership shares worth TL 100 must be provided when establishing field cooperatives in Turkey and when new shareholders are included. At the same time, shareholders who are not shareholders in terms of shares and who will have a say in the management of the company may be included in the management staff within three months before the establishment of the company's corporate structure. 

The real persons in the management staff, which should consist of four people, must be Turkish citizens. It is one of the companies whose installation process is easy and comfortable from a legal point of view.

Limited Company 

A limited company is one of the corporate structures that are among the companies in Turkey and are often heard. This corporate structure has a net capital, which can include a single person and up to fifty shareholders. Shareholders should not provide the established company with the number of funds contained in their contracts. Apart from this, they are not responsible for the company's expenses such as other debts.

From the point of view of companies in Turkey, it is the headquarters of limited companies, and control is carried out from here. It can be said that the minimum capital required in such companies is TL 10,000 and it is mandatory to pay the said capital debt using cash within 2 years. Of course, some changes can be made to the company plan regarding contractual arrangements and pay.

Investors who want to establish a company in Turkey should master the general obligations of establishing a company. Our Istanbul Law Firm provides consultancy services with expert lawyers on this subject. In this way, both Turkish and foreign investors can become limited liability company equity partners or company owners if they wish by being informed about the types of companies in Turkey.

Joint Stock Company 

Joint Stock company, which in a type of company in Turkey, in which people who own shares in the company are indebted only to the company, comes to the fore with their economic returns. In such companies, management takes place over the trade registry instead of the head office. Therefore, there is freedom in buying and selling. This freedom makes it possible for Joint Stock company models to be traded on the stock market.

The capital required for the joint stock company model, which is included in the types of companies in Turkey, is 50.000 TL. This aspect uses the registered capital system for joint stock companies. At the same time, the value, which constitutes a quarter of the capital amount, must be presented in cash before the company registration. The remaining required value share can be paid again with a commitment of 24 months.

To get detailed information about the types of companies in Turkey, you can work with Istanbul Lawyer Firm lawyers and ensure that your company complies with the law. In the same way, if you want to become a shareholder in an established company, you can learn about your legal protection and rights of yourself through our lawyers. Istanbul Lawyer Firm provides legal services to both Turkish clients and foreign capital owners.

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